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5 Steps to Make the Most of Your Upcoming Dental Exam

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5 Steps to Make the Most of Your Upcoming Dental Exam

Most people only experience dental exams a few times a year, depending upon their oral healthcare needs. If you have a consultation or cleaning on your calendar, be sure to prepare so you make the most of your time with your dentist. Scheduled for a dental exam with Dr. Michael Zhou at our Ellicott City, MD practice? If not and you need a dentist in the area, we would be happy to arrange an appointment! In the meantime, remember these five tips to streamline your next dental visit.

1. Find your dental and medical insurance cards.

Unless you carry your dental and medical insurance cards with you at all times, you may discover that you don’t have them at your visit. Instead of scouring through your wallet or purse and coming up empty-handed, locate the cards a few days before the appointment. Can’t seem to find them at your home or office? No need to panic. Simply contact your insurance carrier or print off new cards if your insurer has an online patient portal.

2. Tell our team about any dental fears.

Do you get a bit nervous at the thought of going to the dentist? Did you have an unpleasant experience with a dentist when you are younger, leaving you uncomfortable around dentist equipment? This is a common reaction among many individuals with dental fear. Our staff members can help ease the concerns of those who experience dental anxiety. We would love the opportunity to provide the care you need in a comfort, welcoming atmosphere. Talk to a member of our team before your dental exam and we’ll help you feel less worried about coming to the dentist.

3. Write down any changes in your health history.

Many patients are surprised when we ask about changes in medications, problems sleeping, and other health history concerns. However, these issues are very important to us. For instance, many prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines can have a lasting effect on teeth, gums, and bone. Plus, if you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, we need to be aware to better serve you. Jot down your health history information so you have it handy when we ask!

4. Write down any questions you have for the dentist.

We’ve all forgotten to ask doctors important questions. Instead of relying on your memory, make a list of all your dental concerns. That way, you can just pull out your smartphone or a piece of paper and receive responses from our staff. Don’t be afraid to tell us you have considered orthodontics or porcelain veneers! When you tell us what’s on your mind, you open the door to a more confident, healthier smile.

5. Bring whatever you need to meet your financial obligations.

You may have a co-pay as part of your dental exam. Perhaps you don’t have dental insurance and will pay out-of-pocket using your credit card. Be certain to bring your preferred payment method with you. If someone else will be covering the cost of your dental treatment such as a relative, they should come with you to the appointment to make payment.

Gentle, Affordable Dental Exams

Why miss the opportunity to work with Dr. Zhou to enhance your smile? Arrive prepared for your next dental exam. Need to schedule? Call our office at (410) 750-2599.

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